Re-Opening Monday 12 April 2021

Anaya offer you the warmest of welcomes to our Well-Being Centre based in Scartho, Grimsby

What we specialise in

Beauty & Massage Treatments

Reiki, Healing Therapies, Meditation, Psychic/Mediumship Readings

Shamanic Healing Treatments

Reiki Training Courses

What we sell:
Caudalie Skincare, Gemstone Healing Jewellery, Chakra Products, Crystals, Incense, Sage, Palo Santo


Anaya are here for your well-being, offering services to help bring you beauty, peace and harmony. If you haven’t paid us a visit yet, why not take a look through our therapies and invest in your wellness

Mind   |    Body   |   Spirit

Our Brand Partners are innovative,
industry leading and known the world over

A Touch of Expertise in Every Treatment

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