Shamanic Healing & Space Cleansing

Some of the things shamanism can help to tackle:

  • Trauma, shock eg divorce, mental or physical attack of some kind, post traumatic stress
  • Anxiety, lack of harmony, loss, fear, repeated bad luck
  • Old deep routed issues, childhood issue
  • Challenges that impact on your life in a non helpful way

You may feel out of sorts, not fully present in yourself, suffer memory loss, be emotionally distant, lack motivation, enthusiasm, joy, feel panic, anxiety, everything is a crisis, suffer depression, suicidal thoughts or have an addiction

If you’ve ever heard yourself say “I’ve never been the same since …”

Some of the reasons you visit a shaman are obvious responses to trauma, many times the reasons are not known, you may feel ‘stuck’ and unable to move on, sometimes, despite every effort there is no progress in moving forward, it is the job of the shaman to detect the source of this energy and start the process for a shift to take place

What do I need? I’ve read about extractions, power retrievals, soul retrievals, past life healing, I’m not sure what to ask for
Your appointment will start with a consultation to discuss how we can help you, shamanic practitioners work with their spirit helpers, during the consultation this can seem like talking to a spirit councillor who knows why you’ve reached this point and where to focus your attention to help yourself. It will become clear what form the healing needs to take during this process and as the treatment is underway.

I’m not sure if I need a healing or not, can you help?
Many clients feel a strong or repeated urge to come. Some have walked in and said “I don’t know why I’m here, I just had to come”. The spirits can usually drop straight into the heart of where a problem around you originated from and your realisation of what’s happening and why surfaces. With the help of the spirits we bring about our own realisations, our own healings. This is why I say it can be warts and all

How many treatments will I need?
This depends on what we’re working with. Most people will need one shamanic treatment, the healing is a shift that sets things in motion for change to happen. These changes may be with relationships, areas, events in your life, they may be painful and sometimes dramatic. The unfoldment takes time and comes from the shift in your energy and your willingness to make change. Engaging with the loving energies of reiki will help build on re-integration and support you on your journey during this time. Occasionally issues are more complex and another shamanic treatment may be needed. In these cases a month or more will need to pass before further shamanic work is undertaken. Whether working with Reiki or Shamanism, I work session to session with your physical, energetic and spiritual body, your guides and mine, to see where you’re at and what we could best do to help. There’s never any pressure for continued treatments

What will happen when I visit?
We will start your session with you talking about your life, the good points and the areas you feel you need help with. Whatever comes up during this time is what is needed, things may come up from the past or you may see things about your life you have not noticed before. This is followed by your treatment that will be carried out with you lying peacefully on a therapy bed covered with a blanket. All our beds are electric and can be lowered for you, the back rests can be raised if you prefer to not lye flat and we’ll use pillows to make sure you are comfortable. If your treatment is a distant healing you will want to stop what you are doing, settle and make yourself comfortable, whether you sit or lye is up to you. The treatment will be mostly restful and peaceful with the shamanic practitioner working in your energy field to create the shifts as they arise and show themselves. Afterwards you may feel different, lighter, sometimes there may seem little impact, the shaman creates the shift and the healing has only just begun

How long will it take?
It is best to allow 1.5 hours for consultation, treatment, journeys and feedback. You will need this time to gather your thoughts and prepare yourself for the outside world. After your visit I am available for support with Reiki

Why is it more expensive than Reiki?
The time taken, energy used and shift is far greater with shamanism

Why is Shamanic Extraction more expensive?

Extraction can require large energy shifts and these may leave an experienced shamanic practitioner in need of total rest for approx 3 days following your healing

What the Elders have to say?
“Reiki and Shamanism are both similar and different. The energetic vibration is different and leads to an alternative form of healing. Restore your energy centres with Reiki and restore your soul with Shamanism. These are the main differences”

Power Retrieval, Soul Retrieval, Extractions, Past Life Healing, Aura Cleansing, Chakra Upgrades, DNA Clearing, Cutting Ties, Power Animal Retrieval, Curse Removal

Shamanic Healing – Healing at Soul Level 
£60 1.5hrs / £90 2hrs Soul Retrieval, Power Retrieval, Past Life Healing
£360 Shamanic Extraction
Follow Up Reiki Treatments £38

La Limpia – The Andes Energy Cleansing and Rejuvenation Healing Ceremony
The highly effective and rarely understood La Limpia – The Andean traditional energy cleansing ceremony is frequently used whenever people get emotionally and physically sick. They may attract bad luck, cursed, envy, evil eye, or have problems in relationships or with money; some may contract entity attachments, possession or other misfortunes. It is a simple yet powerful physical, emotional and spiritual purification process that can rebalance the energy field, by removing or extracting stuck and negative energies and replace them with positive vibrations, renewed vigor and optimism. Limpia’s create a new surge of upbeat, positive energy, which allow new clarity, better sleep and for true healing to take place

La Limpia Cleansing
Initial Treatment £360
Follow Up Reiki Treatments £38 

Michael Harner was the founder of The Foundation for Shamanic Studies. Here are his words on what a Shaman and Shamansim are:

“The Shaman is usually regarded as a healer as well as a mediator between the normal – ordinary – world or reality (OR), and the spiritual world, the so called non-ordinary reality (NOR). He is an expert for communication with the helping spirits by changing his everyday consciousness to an altered state and “journeying” to NOR to retrieve power and information for his clients and tasks.

Traditional Shamanism
Traditional Shamanism is a complex of beliefs and behaviours embedded within a variety of cultures. Shamans are distinguished from other healers, mediums and various religious practitioners. These criteria are helpful:

  • Usually shamans have direct contact with spiritual entities.
  • Strict control of one or more spirits. Spirits do not usurp or “control” the shaman’s consciousness without his or her permission.
  • Control of an altered state of consciousness (the shaman determines when to enter and when to leave the altered state).
  • They focus rather on the “normal”, material world than looking for personal enlightenment.
  • The ability for the “magical flight of the soul”, i. e. the shaman’s journey.

Comparison of data from tribal cultures show a cosmological pattern. In general shamans experience three worlds: The Upper, the Lower and the Middle World. Upper and Lower World are the realms of the compassionate helpful spirits of the shaman”


House & Land Cleansing

Whether you have spirit activity or would like to raise the energetic vibration of your space, I work compassionately and effectively to clear and clean the energy, leaving you to build on filling your home/business with your own loving energy and feel at peace. Sometimes the energies of the living can have a negative effect on the energy of buildings, this too can be cleared, cleansed and lightened.

Why you might ask for a cleansing:
The energy feels heavy or off, you feel watched, unsettled, see shadows, building work may throw the energy off, house moves – you may want to remove the residual energy of the previous occupants, or of an unpleasant event in the house’s history, you may have been through an unpleasant cycle in your life and want to clean up to start afresh or you may be under psychic attack from someone who is alive. Not everyone who requests a cleansing has spirit activity and not everyone feels they have a rational explanation of why they want a cleansing. Quantifying why something feels “off” can be hard to pinpoint.

Very, very occasionally something more sinister may be a play, in these cases there are techniques to alleviate what is happening. On a more general level, spirit energy is often loved ones or past occupants of the property paying us a visit

What I will do:
I will connect to the energy of your home/workplace and any spirits present, find out who they are, why they are there and help them move on in a compassionate way. Sometimes things aren’t straightforward, in these instances I will call on the angelic realm and use the skills I have been trained to use to clear the energy. Whether there is spirit presence or not I will cleanse and clear the area of energetic imprints that have been left by the past and fill the house with good, clean and clear energy and seal it shut. You will feel your home is lighter, cleaner and clearer afterwards

My experience:
I have cleared and cleansed people and places many times, I have been trained and am experienced in this work. Sometimes what is going on is bizarre, you may feel wary of explaining the oddness of what is going on, you may feel tired, run down or be approaching me on behalf of someone else. Rest assured I will listen to your story and work to help alleviate the problem.

Wherever you live in the world is not an issue, I will work remotely from my own safe space. There is nothing to fear while the work is being done, rest assured you will feel a difference in the energy afterwards and notice the freedom of lighter energy around you

£60 average 3 bedroom property
£90 4-6 bedroom property and up to 3 acres of land
Please contact me for larger scale property

Payable on booking

For entertainment purposes only