Beauty & Massage

There’s nothing quite like a fresh set of Gel Nails or a relaxing massage….. why not browse through our range of treatments and indulge yourself



Gel or Varnish
Manicure   £20
Simple Gel Toes   £20
Pedicure   £25
Luxury Manicure   £25
Luxury Pedicure   £30

Nail Extra’s
Gel Removal   £10
Gel Removal Manicure   £15
IBX Nail Repair Treatment   from £15
French Finish   £2
Remember to book a soak off if you need gel removing

HD Brows   £25
Anaya HD Brows (tint, wax, shape, trim)   £15
Eyebrow Wax   £8
LVL Lashes (Length, Volume & Lift)   £38 (includes lash tint) 
Eyebrow Tint   £7
Eyelash Tint   £11
Brow Tint, Wax, Trim   £15
Lash & Brow Tint   £16
Lash Tint, Brow Tint & Eyebrow Shape   £22

Cluster Lashes
Temporary Cluster Lashes (7 Day Wear)   £25

Nouveau Individual Eyelash Extensions
Natural    £45
Maintenance Infills    £15 30mins / £25 45mins / £30 1hr / £40 1.5hrs
Removal    £10

Hot Wax for face, underarms, bikini
Strip Wax for Arms, Legs, Back
Brows – depending on treatment and your hair type

HD Brows   £25
Anaya High Definition Brows   £15 (tint, wax, shape, trim)
Eyebrow Wax   £8
Lip   £7
Chin   £7
Nostrils   £10
Lip & Chin   £12
Lip, Chin & Eyebrows   £18

Under Arm   £10
Half Arm   £10
Full Arm   £15

Leg & Bikini
1/2 Leg   £16 (includes knee)
Full Leg   £23
Bikini   £10
Extended Bikini   £15
Half Leg & Bikini  £23
Half Leg & Extended Bikini  £28
Full Leg & Bikini   £27
Full Leg & Extended Bikini   £32

Brows   £8
Nostrils/Ears   £10
Underarm   £10
Back   £18
Chest   £18
Shoulders   £12
Tops of Arms   £10

|   CAUDALIE   |   FACIALS   (Voted Best Luxury Spa Brand 2017)

Allow yourself to be pampered by the expert hands of Vinotherapists who will lavish upon you exceptional treatments with Caudalie products, lauded by doctors and surgeons across the world for their exceptional results and anti-oxidant properties

Caudalie is a most beautiful, glamorous French Skincare brand that combines the latest scientific techniques with the ancient secrets from their vineyards in Bordeaux. A Caudalie product delivers gorgeous textures and aromas that are a delight on the skin, whilst delivering exceptional results. Caudalie Vinotherapists are extensively trained to deliver the ultimate in luxurious, indulgent treatment experiences, which are globally recognised as a must have treatment experience

Vinosource Anti-Oxidant Hydrating Facial   £40   55mins
Hydrating and Nourishing
A skin-renewing treatment to deeply moisturise the skin. This treatment starts with a gentle cleansing of the skin. A massage with fresh grapes followed by a recovery essential oil massage soothes dryness. The application of an intensely moisturising mask, and our Vinosource products restore moisture levels for a healthy and glowing appearance

Vinoperfect Radiance Facial   £55   75mins
Radiance, Complexion Correcting/Anti-Dark Spot
A unique facial treatment specifically designed to correct the complexion, restoring radiance and vitality to the skin. Specifically created for tired, dull & uneven skin types, this is a must have facial treatment. Exceptional massage techniques with essential oils and small hot and cold basalt stones, awaken the luminosity of the complexion, inducing a feeling of well-being. A Glycolic Peel Mask is applied for a gentle peeling action to restore your complexion’s even tone. The Vinoperfect Serum adds the finishing touch to this treatment, leaving you looking radiant, even and luminous

Resveratrol Lift Facial   £55   75mins
Firming, Lifting and Anti-Wrinkle
Specially created for skin that lacks firmness, contour and vitality. After skin is gently cleansed, a stimulating massage visibly firms and redefines the contours of your face. The application of a warming mask enhances the lifting effect of Caudalie’s Resveratrol Lift products. The firming and lifting effect are immediate, your face appears resculpted and radiant with youth

Express D-Vine Facial   £25   30mins
Instant Glow
Specially designed for men and women who are time short, yet still want results. This express treatment is tailor made to meet the needs of every skin type. This facial includes: eye and skin cleansing, deep exfoliation, the application of a customised mask and a hand massage completes this moment of well-being. The experience is completed with serums and moisturisers to meet your individual requirements. Your skin’s freshness, comfort and evenness are restored

Lifting & Firming Eye Treatment   £30 30minsLifting & Firming
This treatment for the eye contour is perfect for really brightening the delicate area around the eyes. It starts with a delicate massage followed by the application of a hydrogel patch concentrated in red vine, horse chestnut and ivy leaf that smooth features, substantially diminshing dark circles and instantly reducing puffiness. The eye contour is lifted and the eyes enhanced

Teen Skin Facial   £35   60mins 
Instant Glow
A cleansing facial to clean and clear teenage skin helping to re-balance and hydrate young skin, a great introduction to skin health and awareness

Divine Back Massage & Scrub   
£30   45mins
Divine Full Body Scrub   
£32   45minsFirmingA glamourous scrub that gently exfoliates your body and helps you regain smooth, fresh skin thanks to brown sugar, grape-seed oil and our Divine Oil. The application of the Nourishing Body Lotion combined with Divine Oil finishes off this luxurious treatment and leaves your skin luminous and lightly scented

Divine Body Massage   £55   75mins
This treatment incorporates our signature Caudalie massage, featuring our Award-winning Divine Oil. Indulge in the floral, sun-kissed fragrance of Divine Oil, while compression techniques gently sooth tension and re-boost your energy. Your skin will be luxuriously softened, moisturised and wrapped in a delicate fragrance blend of roses, grapefruit, pink pepper, vanilla, cedar and white musk. Complete the treatment with an application of our Vine body butter for instant nourishment ….. Truly Divine!

Fleur De Vigne Candle Massage   £55   75mins
Relaxing and Soothing
This massage is a signature Caudalie massage, under the glow of the soft light of a massage candle that melts into a warm oil, delicately scented with Fleur de Vigne (Grape Blossom), enjoy a unique and relaxing experience where all your senses will be indulged. Tension will be relieved and you will regain your energy

Pre Natal Massage  £55   75mins
Soothing and Relieving
This gentle and enveloping massage with grape seed oil soothes tension brought on by pregnancy, stimulates blood circulation and improves the skin’s tone and elasticity. Safely enjoy a moment of absolute relaxation and well-being with your baby-to-be


Spa Well Being Massage
Stimulating  and relaxing techniques to improve flexibility, ease tension and relax the body

Deep Tissue Massage
Restorative massage designed to relieve tension by focussing on areas of tightness and stress to calm and soothe aches and pains

Well Being Aromatherapy Massage
From the soles of your feet to the crown of your head, a massage to drift away with. Combined techniques, carefully applied pressure and the natural benefits of high quality essential oils stimulate the nervous system and relieve muscular tension to calm and feed the soul

Spa Well-Being Massage
Back, Neck & Shoulder   £22   30 mins  /  £30   40 mins
Full Body Massage   £40   60 mins  /  £55   90mins  

Deep Tissue Massage
Back, Neck & Shoulder   £25   30 mins  /  £30   40 mins
Full Body Massage   £40   60 mins  /  £55   90mins  

Hot Stone Therapy Massage
Back, Neck, Shoulder   £32   40 mins
Full Body Massage         £42   60 mins
Indulge yourself as heated volcanic basalt stones penetrate deep into muscles, relaxing, warming and nurturing. First extraction essential oils provide an intensely therapeutic experience allowing the here and now to simply slip away

Indian Head Massage     £25    30 mins / £30 45 mins
Have your shoulders, upper back and scalp massaged with ancient Ayurvedic techniques to relax, ease tension and help drain excess sinus fluid. Concentrates on the upper chakra’s to restore balance and a sense of well-being

Ear Candling     £25   45 mins
Feel congestion drain away as facial, neck and head reflex zones, acupunture and marma points are gently massaged and stimulated. Warmth from the candles softens build up, allowing it to drain away or be drawn to the surface. A deeply relaxing and healing treatment

Face & Body Treatments

3 Treatments for £35 – choose from Back Massage, Facial, Scalp Massage, Hand & Arm Massage, Leg & Foot Massage, Brow Tint & Wax or Lash Tint   £35   60mins (all 3 treatments to be taken together and total 60mins)

Face & Body Sensation – Hot Stone Back of Body Massage, Caudalie Facial, Neck & Shoulder Massage    £65    90 mins

Full Body Massage & Facial   £60  90 mins