Distance Healing

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The following one to one distance treatments are offered worldwide:

Reiki/Energy Healing
Shamanic Healing
Psychic/Mediumship Readings
House Cleansing

Reiki   60mins £38

Shamanic Healing   60mins £40
Shamanic Healing   90mins   £60

Psychic/Mediumship Readings 30mins £25
Psychic/Mediumship Readings 60mins £40

House Cleansing  from £60

*Book 4 60min Reiki treatments and received £15 discount off your fourth treatment

Recorded Feedback emailed to you following your treatment


*Applies to distant treatments only

Distant treatments allow you to lye on the bed or make yourself comfortable wherever you are in the world. You can create an ambient environment with soft music, candles, lamp light or sit in your car in the sunshine or rain and receive them, where and how you choose to receive them is up to you, its just best to make sure you won’t be interrupted while the Reiki is being received. Some people choose to receive Reiki while sleeping.
There are no limitations to sending reiki. We can also send it into the past, the future and to an event or issue in your life.
Distant Reiki can be just as effective and powerful as in person treatments and will help you relax, sleep better and manage situations you may be struggling with

One to one appointments are booked at mutually convenient times