Train in Reiki


Reiki Level 1 Training
Become attuned to Reiki, a universal life force energy,  learn principles and techniques that will allow you to treat family and friends.
Course includes manual and certificate.

One day course           £120  

Reiki Level 2 Training
Open your energies to an increased flow of Reiki energy, learn to enhance your intuition and become a Reiki Practitioner allowing you to charge for your treatments. Pre-requisite: Reiki 1 and three to six months self healing
Course includes manual, certificate and assessment of case studies.

One day course,    £150

Reiki Masters Training
Are you ready to by a Reiki Master? Ready to be a Master of your own self, healing and personal development? What does being a Reiki Master mean to you? Learn the skills to progress forward on your Reiki journey
Pre-requisite: this course is subject to interview, you will have at least one years regular practice on client’s since your Reiki 2 attunement, ideally longer.
Course includes manual, certificate and assessment of case studies.

£on request

Our events small and personal, due to social distancing spaces are limited

If you would like to book, payment by cash or bank transfer needs to be made at the time of booking and a message sent by email or you can phone reception on 01472 872163 leaving your full name, contact number and the event you have paid for. We will contact you to confirm your payment has been received and your place is secure

Sorry, we do not hold spaces, we politely request full payment on booking