Trance Healing and Demonstrations

Trance   Group Demonstration
Bringing the spirit world to you
Would you like to speak directly to those in the spirit world? Sit in the presence of intelligence and understanding way beyond my own? Trance Mediumship is a refined process of blending between the medium and the spirit world whereby the medium can lose awareness while they are held by their spirit team

“When we are ready to use the tool [Medium] the process is safe, the undertaking given by the medium is for full use for demonstration purposes and seeks to enlighten individuals to the world beyond theirs –  a world of upheaval for this type of work need not be sought – it is a natural, safe process when the blending is correctly undertaken, training and long life of strength resilience to our ways and strong undertaking to be held by our keepers is all that is needed”
These are the words from my spirit team

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Trance Healing £40  30mins
Healing with the Spirits to move away blocks and obstacles from your luminous energy field.

A trance healing seeks to serve more than just life for you, it seeps into your everyday life, try’s to recondition the buttons you use to impregnate life, it helps restore energy of life and culminates in an awakened sense of freedom, helped by the spirit world the healing is deep and hypnotic”
These are the words from my spirit team

Trance healing is a blending of energies between a Trance Medium/Healer and their Spirit Team. The spirit team hold the medium and use their mind and motor skills. Trance is a refined process and completely safe

Trance healing is sometimes called Psychic Surgery