A Day of Spirituality

Can be purchased as a GIFT VOUCHER with the package chosen by the recipient when they book in

We have 7 transformational packages for you to choose from:


Do you love all things spiritual? Go giddy with excitement or have a creeping interest in the paranormal, afterlife, spirits, angels, guides and just dying to find out and experience more? Do you know you need healing or just intriuged?

Anaya bring you a very special, deeply healing day with me and my spirit team. Together we’ve designed seven packages for you to choose from. Each package brings together tools from my bag, Psychic/Mediumship/Shamanic Readings, Shamanism, Reiki, Energy Healing, Trance Healing, Crystals, Sound Therapy, Angelic Healing & Guidance, Spiritual Counselling, Visualisation, Meditation, Integration techniques and lots more! As many of you know…… these things don’t always go to plan! Your day will be specific to you, what you will get is what you need to move you forward with the myriad of life we are all trying so hard to navigate a smooth journey through. I’d definitely recommend a day of rest following these days, allow yourself some time to process the experience and slowly integrate yourself back into every day living.

Not sure what to choose? Each package is linked to a chakra:

Crown Chakra, Head in the Clouds
Third Eye Chakra, Raise the Vibration
Throat Chakra, Let’s Hear It
Heart Chakra, Be Love
Solar Plexus Chakra, Esteem
Sacral Chakra, Emotional Wisdom
Root Chakra, Down to Earth

Choose what you feel guided to or what you feel drawn to. We’re giving no further information about what’s in the packages other than to tell you they are deeply healing, will be geared specifically to your needs as an individual and will bring about change. It will be a day you remember, a memory you will call on in times of need, one you will not forget

If at this point you are biting your lip in contemplation, intrigued and think you would enjoy/benefit from such a day, get yourself booked in! At times there can be a waiting list for appointments so plan ahead

These are strictly weekday appointments only, we start at 10am and finish at 3pm/4pm

Cost: £180

Payable by Bank Transfer or debit/credit card payment link