HAIR REMOVAL with Perron Rigot

Hot Wax for face, underarms, bikini
Strip Wax for Arms, Legs, Back

Anaya High Definition Brows   £19 (tint, wax, shape, trim)
Eyebrow Wax   £9
Lip   £8
Chin   £8
Nostrils   £10
Lip & Chin   £15
Lip, Chin & Eyebrows   £21

Under Arm   £11
Half Arm   £15
Full Arm   £20

Leg & Bikini
1/2 Leg   £17 (includes knee)
Full Leg   £26
Bikini   £12
Extended Bikini   £17
Half Leg & Bikini  £27
Half Leg & Extended Bikini  £32
Full Leg & Bikini   £32
Full Leg & Extended Bikini   £39

Back   £27
Chest   £27
Shoulders   £20
Tops of Arms   £20

About Perron Rigot
Perron Rigot are The World’s recognised leading expert in depilatory waxing. They were the inventor of no strip wax and hold 20 patents for low temperature, comfortable waxing that wraps even the smallest of hairs, removes them flexibly and with ease, Where they lead, others have followed, our client testimonials synphonise nothing else quite lives up to its claims and that’s good enough for us. Oh and they’re VEGAN too!