Reiki Massage & Holistics

Reiki & Back Massage Healing Hour     £40   1hr
Drift away with our essential oil aromatherapy back, neck, shoulder and scalp massage. Sink a little deeper and experience the relaxing effects of reiki. We close the treatment with a cleansing chakra balance to seal and protect your energies

Reiki, Back Massage & Facial    £50 1.25hrs
From the base of your spine to the crown of your head, drift away with this blend of soothing massage and healing energy work. Experience multiple blends of essential oil fragrance expertly mixed to blast away blocked energy. Indulge this amazing Soul Food and the calm balance of your seven major energy points. Follow with a relaxing facial treatment to leaving skin replenished, hydrated and protected following this restful olfactory therapy

Reiki & Full Body Massage    £60 1.5hrs
Begin with Reiki to encourage relaxation and follow with a full body massage using pre-blended aromatic essential oils to promote natural healing and stimulate your senses. Heat, cold, tingling, deep relaxation and a sense of nurturing may be experienced. A cleansing and balancing complete the treatment to leave you peaceful, calm and centered

Reiki & Meditation    £40   1 hr
Available in person or by zoom, skype and phone distance treatment
Mindfulness, Meditation and Reiki Therapy for a truly relaxing experience offering you deep relaxation that sees stress and tension seep away

Indian Head Massage     £30 45 mins
Have your shoulders, upper back and scalp massaged with ancient Ayurvedic techniques to relax, ease tension and help drain excess sinus fluid. Concentrates on the upper chakra’s to restore balance and a sense of well-being

Ear Candling     £30   45 mins
Feel congestion drain away as facial, neck and head reflex zones, acupunture and marma points are gently massaged and stimulated. Warmth from the candles softens build up, allowing it to drain away or be drawn to the surface. A deeply relaxing and healing treatment