Reiki/Energy Healing    £40   1hr
Available in person or by zoom, skype and phone distance treatment
We all want to feel relaxed, less stressed and at peace within ourselves. Reiki is an energy that moves through the body, flowing to where energy blockages have mired up and need flushing through. Our thoughts can cause energy to block up, how we feel about past and current situations causes us to hold on to things and this too can cause the energy not to flow as easily through the body. A reiki treatment can be like a tune up for a car, it tweeks the parts that need adjusting so the body can run smoothly. During the process you are transported to place of relaxation, this can feel as though you are not asleep, aware yet distant, as though you are inside of your own awareness. Reiki helps you to relax, to heal past traumas and spends time working on the sub-conscious so moving forward in life becomes a little easier. Sometimes after reiki we feel less able to hold ourselves back from making decisions, more able to let go and move forward on the journey of life
Reiki will not heal everything, there are limits to what reiki can achieve and in those instances we suggest a shamanic healing.

During Reiki you remain fully clothed and may lye down on a therapy bed or sit in a chair. The practitioner gently places their hands non-intrusively on or over different parts of the body

Some examples of when Reiki can help you:

  • Eases stress, anxiety and enhances relaxation
  • Reduces and relieves pain

  • Helps manage symptoms, reduces side effects of medication and help support recovery of injuries or surgery
  • Releases fear, negativity and promotes clarity
  • Strengthens overall well-being, bringing peace and harmony
  • People use Reiki as it generally helps them to feel better very quickly
  • Doctors, nurses and healthcare professionals integrate Reiki in healthcare facilities

Reiki helps those in need of longer term care focus on their wellness rather than an illness or problem. If you would like to self-treat with Reiki ask about our training courses. Courses start from self-care right through to Reiki Masters. There is no need to progress beyond self-care if this is enough for you