Reflexology   £40  1 hr

Reflexology & Reiki Harmony Hour    £40   1hr
A blissful treatment that combines the precision of Reflexology and Reiki’s gentle touch. Feel a sense of inner calm, wellness and restorative healing, perfect for those that seek much needed time out

Heaven on Earth Reflexology   £52  1.25hrs
Experience the nurturing warmth from hot basalt stones gently massaging the legs and feet and follow with the calming benefits of reflexology. Allow tension to slip away and experience a little bit of Heaven here on Earth

Facial Massage, Reiki & Reflexology – Soul to Sole     £60  1.5hrs
An amazing range of blissful healing therapies, from the top of your head to the tips of your toes. Relaxing Facial Massage, Reiki Therapy, Reflexology and Chakra Balance, completely re-energises and balances mind, body and soul

Reflexology   £40  1 hr
It’s truly amazing what the reflexology can tell us about the body! Reflexology theorizes the feet are mapped over many parts of the body, eg the face, the ears, the hands, as a general rule, the top of the area being worked on relates to the top of your body. Should you be suffering stress, tension, headaches, one area a reflexologist will be able to identify this is within your big toes. Reflexology is a surprisingly peaceful therapy that uses a range of pressure and massage techniques to locate and stimulate through energy zones. This stimulation kickstarts the body’s own healing processes eg the blood, the olfactory, the lymph, nervous system.

“Think of it like making a cocktail, some liquids flow and mix freely, others that are thicker and heavier need a good shake to move things around. The more you shake the cocktail, the fluids combine to create the optimum flavour”
These are the words from my spirit team

Loved by many, reflexology helps bring stableness to the bodies digestive system and helps alleviates worry and fear.  There are points a reflexologist will work on to treat specific conditions, eg the menopause or a general wellness treatment for the whole of the body will help to ease symptoms and bring a sense of overall wellness