Psychic Reading

Psychic Reading
£20 for 30 mins / £35 for 60mins
Evenings (after 4pm) & Weekends plus £5

Available in person, phone or zoom
Bringing well-being, success & harmony to your life
A healing reading for you, your situation and how you can better serve yourself in this lifetime. Can include mediumship from past loved ones who have crossed over as we bridge the gap to the spirit world to bring you clear advice of how you can move forward successfully in your own life. This could be your life in general, career, love, spirit often have their own agenda when connecting but undoubtedly want you to reach your highest potential. This is spirit guidance and advice, warts and all

Reiki & Psychic/Mediumship Reading    £42 1hr
Available in person or by zoom, skype and phone distance treatment
Reiki Healing and a reading

Minimum age 18years

For entertainment purposes only