Mediumship Sitting   £25 for 30 mins or £40 for 60mins
Available in person, phone or zoom
Spirit Messages helping to support your journey here on earth
Connecting with the spirit world, Lisa will bring through evidential mediumship and messages from those who have passed over to help and support your journey here on earth. There will be some psychic guidance brought forward although these readings are predominantly to connect to our loved ones who have passed

Minimum age 18years

Psychic Reading   £25 for 30 mins or £40 for 60mins
Available in person, phone or zoom
Bringing well-being, success & harmony to your life
A healing reading for you, your situation and how you can better serve yourself in this lifetime. Can include mediumship from past loved ones who have crossed over as we bridge the gap to the spirit world to bring you clear advice of how you can move forward successfully in your own life. This could be your life in general, career, love, spirit often have their own agenda when connecting but undoubtedly want you to reach your highest potential. This is spirit guidance and advice, warts and all.

Trance   Group Demonstration
Bringing the spirit world to you
Would you like to speak directly to those who the spirit world bring through? Sit in the presence of intelligence and understanding way beyond my own? Trance Mediumship is a refined process of blending between the medium and the spirit world whereby the medium can lose awareness while they are held by their spirit team

“When we are ready to use the tool [Medium] the process is safe, the undertaking given by the medium is for full use for demonstration purposes and seeks to enlighten individuals to the world beyond theirs –  a world of upheaval for this type of work need not be sought – it is a natural, safe process when the blending is correctly undertaken, training and long life of strength resilience to our ways and strong undertaking to be held by our keepers is all that is needed”

Trance is a tiring process for the medium and for this reason, I no longer bring through loved ones for direct communication. For now Trance Mediumship is for demonstration, philosophy and entertainment to a group


Psychic, Medium – is there a difference?

Mediums are psychic but psychics aren’t necessarily mediums

We all have a soul, the spirit within us. A psychic reading looks at your past, present and future, it deals with the earthly world, your wants, needs, life based matters of the heart, what drives you, where you should be in life, what would make your soul sing and how to create bloom in your life, perhaps you are stuck in a rut, not knowing which way to turn. When we understand our own needs and are open to what spirit see as our most pressing issues, we can forge a way forward, build acceptance and find a supported way of navigating the future ourselves. Psychic readings can be very uplifting, motivating and healing. Throughout the reading Lisa will be connected to Spirit and working psychically to bring you the messages from the spirit world. Sometimes she is guided to bring you what you need using the other tools spirit have taught her to use. Any questions you have can be asked during the reading while Lisa is working in the power and connected to the spirit realm

Mediumship sittings focus more around building an evidential connection with those who have passed over to the spirit world and bringing forward their messages and communications to you. In a 30min reading at least one spirit will usually step forward for you, often there are more although there are no guarantees. Some psychic guidance will also be given to you too. Mediumship sittings can be emotional and will be delivered in a sensitive manner. Bereavement Counselling is available to you if you feel you would benefit from this support

Minimum age 18years

For entertainment purposes only