Becka joined Anaya as a self-employed therapist in January 2022. Furthering her skillset by qualifying in High Definition Brow Techniques and undergoing intense training for massage/facial techniques and healing practises, Becka has impressed everyone, during her first week alone, every single reiki, massage and facial client was bowled over by her treatments!

An experienced aromatherapist, reflexologist and Level 2&3 trained beauty and massage therapist, Becka runs her own beauty and holistic business within Anaya. With healing in her blood, we’re happy to say the ethos of what we offer here at Anaya remains firmly with spirituality and well-being. We’ve always believed individuality is a therapist’s strength, growing that passion is truly bringing out the absolute best in Becka, so come along and meet her, we’re confident she’ll fill the very large hole left by Georgia’s maternity leave



Georgia joined Anaya in January 2020 to complete the last few months of her Apprenticeship with Lincoln College. Now a qualified Beauty and Massage Therapist, Georgia enjoys providing a wide range of treatments, she is as happy providing you with an expert set of gel nails, a spa, sleep inducing massage, Caudalie Facial, Individual Lashes and Anaya High Definition Brows. Georgia has a maturity beyond her years, has a brilliant sense of humour and has proved hugely popular with clients. We are thrilled to announce Georgia has given birth to the most perfect, beautiful little girl named Esther and will return from maternity leave Jan 23 



Lisa is a Shamanic & Sound Practitioner, Spiritual Medium, Trance Medium & Reiki Master. She is spirit taught, this means that her shamanic and mediumship teachings came from the spirit world, then under the guidance of living Shamanic Teachers, Psychics and Mediums, Lisa learnt to make sense of this natural connection, hone it and find balance working full time within spiritual practise

She has worked and studied in person with some of the world’s leading shamanic teachers, healers and speakers who have apprenticed and learnt their craft over many years with indigenous shaman and studied with elders worldwide. Entrusted with powerful, contemporary approaches that are relevant to our modern times of unbalance and stress, these shaman carry forth their teachings into the wider, more accessible world, allowing their anecdotes to be passed forwards for generations to come

With a strong, clear connection to the Spirit World and many years of experience, Lisa has a grounded approach and an ability to rationalise the naturalness of the spirit world, see the magic of shamanism and understand the soul only resides one lifetime in each body
Lisa has been leading groups teaching meditation, the benefits of spiritual living, psychic reading and Reiki since 2015
She has four ways of helping you live a spiritually fulfilling life:

Spiritual Training

Shamanic Practitioner
Advanced Shamanic Practitioner
La Limpia – Andes Energy Cleansing and Rejuvenation Healing Practitioner
Rites of the Munai Ki Tutor
Usui Reiki Master/Teacher, Seichem, Violet Light, Angelic Reiki
Sundoor Initiation
Psychic Development
Mediumship Development
Trance Development
Meditation Tutor
Sound Healing & Sound Therapy Practitioner



A Touch of Expertise in Every Treatment